• Here I am with my friends Chester and Tenko at the beach. I'm the one in the middle sticking my tongue out at you!

    I was rehomed from the RSPCA by Rachel because my old owner had died. It was sad not having a home. Now I have fun everyday and I'm not sad any more.

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    It's not just dogs who live in the house with me, there are also intriguing things called sugar gliders. I'm not allowed to investigate them too closely because they are small and a bit delicate. They wouldn't appreciate a Bob the dog trying to chase them. Their names are Honey and Otto (mum and...
    On Saturday we walked up Ingleborough in Yorkshire which Rachel says is a small mountain. It didn't seem small to me! I was so tired in the car on the way home I had to have a rest in the middle of trying to roll myself dry.
    This week I've had a sore eye and had to go to the vets. The vet put strange green dye in my eye and said I had a corneal ulcer. He gave Rachel two kinds of ointment to help my eye get better. I don't really like having the ointment in my eye, but I get a treat afterwards if I stay nice and still...
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